History and Development

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1. In addition to obligatory statistic session of TSI by 2.5% but not more than USD. 500,000.00 or USD. 1,000,000,000.00, then for the purpose of domestic market saturation formed joint agreement to establish National Capacity Optimization Project (POKN) with POKN session at 10% of TSI but not more than USD. 5,500,000.00 or USD. 11,000,000,000.00.

2.  Both Session Statistics and POKN both managed by BPPDAN. Basis for the establishment of the National Capacity Optimization Project (POKN) this is 1996 Agreement with ICA (ICA 1996) was attended and signed by 91 and 4 Insurance Company Reinsurance Company on December 2, 1996.

3.  ICA 1996 was a renewal on the ICA in 1992.

Decisions taken in the Joint Agreement (ICA 1996) are as follows:

a. Scope of Business at the ICA in 1992

b. Agree to form a data center statistics (BPPDAN) that serves to:

  • Collects accurate information to compile statistics and Making Tariff.
  • To supervise first use policy and for infringement or breach of clause and rate.
  • Collecting and studying the cases that arise in connection with the use of policy and or clause-klausulanya and report it to DAI cq. Bureau tariff.
  • Financing Bureau tariff.
  • Carrying out administrative sessions and statistics as well as provide protection katastrophal retrocession.
  • Report the results of statistical data processing to DAI at least two times a year.
  • Liability Insurance Sector members to provide session BPPDAN POKN to 10% of TSI but not greater than USD.5,500.000.00 or Rp. 11,000,000,000.00 from any risk.
  • For the above-mentioned session POKN applicable reinsurance commission of 35% to 10% for Fire and Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami.
  • Session POKN as mentioned above should be redistributed (retrocession) to insurance and reinsurance companies in accordance with the participation of members of the DAI sertaannya BPPDAN submitted to the Commission and Overriding effect of 2.5%.
  • The establishment of Session POKN:
  • POKN is a “project” to prevent the flow of premiums abroad. This is because the capacity itself is relatively small    compared to the value of the insured object, in addition to the available capacity at National Reinsurance companies are also limited in number.
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